So what is “Entechtainment” anyway?

It's a publication focused on what's happening in tech and home entertainment. If that sounds generic, it's because it is: everything from technologies and products to content and services falls under the umbrella. So a lot of things to report and comment on, which can be both a blessing and curse for journalists. Not for readers, though!

It's the various points where some or all of the above meet - sometimes to the benefit of consumers, sometimes not so much - that many important developments in digital culture happen today. Those are of special interest to this publication and will always be explored, along with what deserves attention among the numerous products and services competing in the tech and entertainment market.

New issues of Entechtainment arrive three to five times a week depending on what’s going on in the tech and entertainment markets (the only exceptions being national holidays and 15 days during the summer). Special issues are sent out whenever something really important is going down. They're all written by me, Kostas Farkonas, a veteran journalist with over 30 years of experience.

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Get informed about a wide range of topics. From big tech or small disruptors to social networks or content services, from low-cost gadgets or hi-end TVs to the latest TV shows or the top games, everything worth looking into is looked into.

Avoid the time-wasting clickthroughs. No stories here based on conjecture, no clickbait headlines, no pointless posts. Just facts, comments and perspective on what's happening now and what's coming next in tech and entertainment.

Understand the game. Market competition between companies of all kinds and sizes is less of a battle and more of an elaborate dance nowadays. Get to know who's up, who is down, who to look out for, who the next up-and-coming might be (and why).

Invest in healthy journalism. Your subscription to publications like Entechtainment helps independent journalists follow a path outside the clickbait-infested Web and build a sustainable model others can use in the future.

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